Arrival or departure transfer (Congonhas Airport – CGH)

For those passengers who arrive or departure at Congonhas Airport.

For passengers embarking and disembarking at Congonhas airport and need transportation to / from the following districts / cities.

Executive car – Up to 3 passengers with moderate luggage.



Portuguese speaking driver


English speaking driver

Aclimação, Bela Vista, Barra Funda, Berrini, Bom Retiro, Bosque da Saúde, Cambuci, Campo Belo, Downtown, Centro Empresarial, Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, Consolação, Diadema, Expo Transamérica, Higienópolis, Ibirapuera, Ipiranga, Itaim Bibi, Jabaquara, Jardins, Moema, Morumbi, Pacaembu, Paraíso, Paulista, Perdizes, Pinheiros, Planalto Paulista, Santo Amaro, Sumaré e Vila Mariana, Vila Leopoldina

R$ 172,00

R$ 286,00

Anhembi, Casa Verde, Expo Center Norte, Santana, Santo André, São Bernardo, São Caetano e Tatuapé, Alphaville e Granja Viana

R$ 215,00

R$ 300,00

Aeroporto de Guarulhos

R$ 258,00

R$ 360,00

Guarujá, Santos

R$ 415,00

R$ 572,00


R$ 572,00

R$ 786,00

São José dos Campos

R$ 500,00

R$ 700,00

Campos do Jordão, Maresias

R$ 930,00

R$ 1.285,00

Ilha Bela

R$ 1.072,00

R$ 1.430,00


Van – Up to 10 passengers with moderate luggage.

São Paulo R$ 230,00
Região do ABCD R$ 260,00
Granja Viana R$ 285,00
Alphaville R$ 360,00
Santos R$ 500,00
Guarujá R$ 575,00
Maresias R$ 860,00
Ilhabela R$ 930,00
Campinas R$ 645,00
Campos do Jordão R$ 860,00
São José dos Campos R$ 675,00
Aparecida do Norte R$ 860,00

Consult rates for Van with bilingual driver

Prices per vehicle / per trip, subject to change and availability.

In case of delay caused by the airline (flight cancellation, change of flights, passenger relocated on another flight or another destination) we will adopt the following policies:

A) Waiver pick-up with No Show charge. The passenger will get new transportation and pay by his own.

B) Driver and vehicle on hold until the passenger arrival. There will be a cost of R$ 60.00 per extra hour, for car with monolingual driver and  R$ 86.00 for car with bilingual driver.

R$ 110.00 for Van with monolingual driver, and R$ 145.00 for Van with bilingual driver.

In this case there will be tolerance of up to 45 minutes to start charge.

Please indicate the most appropriate option for you.

Important: Changes less than 24 hours will be not accepted.


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